WATCH: Iuri Alcantara defeats Joe Soto with frantic flurry at UFC Belem

Photo: Esther Lin (

Iuri Alcantara avenged a recent loss in devastating fashion when he defeated Joe Soto at UFC Belem this past Saturday night.

Iuri Alcantara (35-9) produced a big win in front of an expectant Brazilian crowd in Belem, Brazil this Saturday night. Joe Soto (18-7) who had once fought TJ Dillashaw on one day’s notice for the bantamweight championship took a step backward when he was on the receiving end of a vicious flurry from Alcantara.

The Brazilian landed a flush body kick that appeared to stun Soto who dropped his hands momentarily. A moment is all Alcantara required as he landed elbows and a big hook to send Alcantara to the mat where he received further damaging shots.

Referee Osiris Maia may come into some criticism for not halting the fight sooner as Soto looked to be taking unnecessary punches by Alcantara who had no real choice but to keep landing punches until Maia eventually stepped in to put a stop to an impressive victory for Alacantara.

The win takes Alcantara to a whopping 29 stoppages in his professional career.

You can view the action below.

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