Cage Ring Championship finalises fight card and details for 8th show this Sunday

The Wright Venue is set to host a huge night of fights this Sunday with a mix of MMA, thai boxing and K-1 kickboxing to whet the appetite of any combat sports fan.

22 fights make up the Cage Ring Championship 8: Blaze of Glory card and with temperatures soaring across the nation’s capital, it is set to be a red hot evening in the Wright Venue.

Doors open at 4:30pm with the first bout of the prelims due to take place at 5pm. The main card is set to begin at 7:30pm and depending on finishes, it is likely that the event will end at 11pm approx.

The card (as it stands) can be viewed below:


  • Pro K-1 (Lightweight Title) – Damian Kusz (Muay Thai Macroom) vs Damian Darker (Elite Martial Arts)
  • Pro K-1 (Heavyweight Title) – Cian ‘Kong” Erraught (SBG Ballina) vs Kajetan Shoma (Chokdee Martial Arts Academy U.K)
  • Full Thai (A class Lightweight Title) – Patrick Maughan (Force) vs Scotty John (Origins Muaythai Dublin)
  • Full Thai (A class 158lbs) – Tomas Marcisauskas (Skuse Team MuayThai) Vs Mariusz Brozda (Fantom Team Dublin)
  • Pro MMA (Bantamweight Title) – Adam Caffrey (RFA) Vs Paweł Polityło (Fantom Team)
  • Amateur MMA (Super Bantamweight Title) – Shane Mullen (SBG Tallaght) Vs Richie Stack (Spirit MMA)
  • Amateur MMA (Light-Heavyweight Title) – Karl Riordan (SBG Charlestown) Vs Liam Hughes (Husaria Naas)
  • Pro K-1 (Catchweight 147lbs) – John Fetherston (KKC Cabra) Vs Vlad Morariu (Fantom Team Dublin)
  • Amateur K-1 (Catchweight 132lbs) – Padraic Cuskelly (Motonari Team) Vs Aaron Clarke (Naas Kickboxing)
  • Amateur K-1 (Catchweight 165lbs) – Fábio Chuairi (KKC Cabra) Vs Andreeas Binder (Shaolin MMA Galway)
  • Amateur K-1 (Catchweight 165lbs) – Title Killian Quinn (Motonari Team) Vs David Ola (Compound Martial Arts)
  • Pro K-1 (Catchweight 132lbs) – Alan McCormack (Relentless Muay Thai/K1) vs Eugen Tanjila (Fantom Team Dublin)



  • Amateur MMA (Welterweight) – Micheàl Prendergast (Spirit MMA) vs Dawid Wisnios (Fantom Team Dublin)
  • Amateur MMA (Lightweight) – Sean McConnell (SBG Charlestown) vs Carl Byrne (Spartan)
  • Amateur MMA (Lightweight) – Graham Sheehan (Team Ryano Dublin) Vs Andrea Chala (SBG 24)
  • Amateur MMA (Bantamweight) – Eoghan chelmiah  (Team Ryano Kilkenny) vs Darren Kirwan  (Shaolin MMA Galway)
  • Amateur MMA (Welterweight) – Nate Enright (SBG 24) Vs Eion Kelly  (Fantom Team Dublin) – BRAKUJE !!
  • Amateur (MMA Featherweight) – Dave Phelan (Team Ryano Waterford) vs Colm Mc Giolla Mhir (SBG Charlestown)
  • Amateur MMA (Catchweight 158lbs) – Nathan Brennan (Team Ryano Dublin) vs Ross Cummins (SBG 24)
  • Amateur K-1 (Catchweight 163lbs) – Ernest K Ashman (SBG Ballina) vs Adam Shelley (SBG Swords)
  • Amateur K-1 (Welterweight) – Robert Barrett (Compound Martial Arts) Vs Padraig Bracken (Motonari Team)
  • Amateur K-1 (Catchweight 160lbs) – Dawid Karczewski (Portlaoise Combat Academy) Vs  Evan McCann (Elite Martial Arts)


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