Rashad Evans announces retirement from MMA

Rashad Evans fought in the UFC 23 times and was the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion

Speaking on The Helwani Show on Monday evening, Rashad Evans (19-8-1) announced his retirement from mixed martial arts.

Making his pro debut in 2004, Evans entered the UFC in 2005 and was a main stay in the promotion up until last month.

Evans managed to obtain the light heavyweight championship when he earned a TKO finish in an enthralling title bout against then champion Forrest Griffin at UFC 92.

Evans retires from the sport on a five fight losing streak. Something the former champion still feels badly about.

Some of those fights… I didn’t show up. I don’t want to go out on a losing streak. Nobody wants to go out on a losing streak but when you get knocked out in your last fight in 53 seconds, you gotta put things into perspective.

Life takes over now and MMA has taken second place. I don’t look at the sport the same anymore


Retirement from MMA doesn’t necessarily mean retirement. Case in point, Brad Pickett is returning in August but Evans is adamant that this is the end of his career in MMA.

I can safely say that I’m done. It’s time for me to start helping out and doing things for other people before I leave this earth. I want to do things with some charities in Chicago and help out there.


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