Brian Ortega left “heartbroken” after non title fight at UFC 226

Brian Ortega was due to fight Max Holloway for the featherweight title at UFC 226.

Having pulled out of the fight due to concussive type symptoms, Brian Ortega was left without an opponent for UFC 226.

Speaking on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show on Monday evening, Ortega revealed that the UFC attempted to book a fight with Jeremy Stephens.

Dana (White) came to me and asked me about fighting Jeremy Stephens for an interim title fight.

Ortega told Ariel Helwani that he declined the fight with UFC President Dana White less than pleased with the outcome.

He (Dana White) was disappointed. He was angry when (Daniel) Cormier fell at the press conference but I had to decline the fight. I paid a lot of money for a camp for a title fight and I don’t want to lose my shot.

“T-City” appeared very down during the interview and admitted that he was “crushed” while sitting in the arena for UFC 226.

I’m sitting there watching Bruce Buffer introduce the fighters, seeing guys make the walk and looking at the co-main event thinking, “that’s my spot”. I was crushed. I wanted to be anywhere else”

Ortega was asked about a reimbursement for his efforts.

I’m not getting my show money. It was a flat rate to fight Max but I showed up for the media stuff and I’m gonna talk to Dana (White) about compensation for my training camp at least and I’ll probably talk when he’s in a better mood.

It’s unclear as to when Holloway is likely to return at this point but Ortega is adamant that the only fight he takes next is for the belt.

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