Francis Ngannou cites fear of cardio issues for flat performance against Derrick Lewis

In what was one of the worst MMA fights in history, Ngannou spoke out on Monday as to the reasons behind his performance.

Having spoken out last week, Derrick Lewis believed that the blame should lie on him for a shambolic fight in what was expected to be one of the heavyweight division’s most sought after match ups.

Speaking on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show on Monday evening, Ngannou cited cardio worries as to why he didn’t overly exert himself in the match up.

I kept on thinking about how my body felt during my last fight against Stipe Miocic and I was worried that I would gas out.

Ngannou faded badly in his title tilt earlier on this year and the Cameroonian born fighter told Helwani that he is looking to change things up for his next fight.

When Ngannou was questioned about Dana White’s comments post-fight at UFC 226, Ngannou claimed he felt “hurt” by White’s comments regarding his “ego getting in the way”.

I am hurt. I didn’t even see him (White) after the fight. If he wants to say something to me, then he should do that. I haven’t spoke to him since the fight.

Ngannou also said that he hopes to fight again later on this year and is hoping a fight with Junior Dos Santos can get done.

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