Report – ACB cancels four events

The Russian promotion has cancelled four upcoming events leaving fight fans pondering the future of the promotion.

It hasn’t been a particularly good couple of weeks for ACB who have cancelled a multitude of events just weeks and indeed, days before their scheduled events.

Reported initially by Marcel Dorff of MMA via Twitter, he confirmed that ACB 89 in Cyprus (July 21st) and ACB 90 in Kazan (July 28th) were cancelled.

In addition to these cancellations, ACB confirmed via their Facebook page that ACB 91 in London has also been scrapped due to “technical issues”.

The event was due to take place in return and was set to be the return of Brad Pickett.

Details have been slow to filter through ACB’s official social media platforms and in the past few hours, Denis Geyko reported on his Twitter page that the promotion’s Swedish event has also been put on the scrap heap.

This is worrying news for the promotion and indeed fighters who are now out of pocket due to training camp costs for bouts that are unlikely to be rescheduled anytime soon.

ACB has certainly skimmed back on its production as of late with the tag line, “More Fights, Less Talk”.

Offering free fights via Facebook and YouTube is a refreshing approach for fight fans who are now finding it an expensive sport to consume.

However, as admirable as it is to offer free events, it appears that it’s an unsustainable model and with tickets being offered for 50% off the price, the promotion may be in danger of not existing for much longer.

Until an official statement is made, speculation will be rife and unfortunately for ACB, there will be no shortage of promotions waiting to snap up the talent they have at their disposal should they force to fold.





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