Max Holloway gives update on his health after UFC 226 scare

In his first interview since the events that transpired at UFC 226, the featherweight champion confirmed that he is feeling fine.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani on ESPN’s Helwani Show Max Holloway gave fans an update as to his health.

Having been pulled from his fight against Brian Ortega due to concussive type symptoms the Hawaiian told Ariel Helwani that he feels ok.

“I’ve seen a ton of medical professionals and nobody knows that happened just yet but I feel fine”

Holloway continued,

“I’m a fighter. I wanted to fight. When they were telling me to go to the emergency room, I was begging them to let me fight. Hell, when I was doing interviews, there’s some the UFC didn’t even drop because I was horrible in them.”

Speaking about his future Holloway was confident that he will be back in action soon.

“Never count the kid out. I’m hoping to return to business at the end of the year. It was a tough year but this is the Blessed era baby.”

Holloway expressed his appreciation for the well wishes he received during his recovery particularly Conor McGregor.

“Man, I was humbled. I know we’re competitors in the Octagon but it gets to a point when you’re human. I wasn’t surprised by Conor’s message but it was great. So cool to see all these guys reaching out especially (Jose) Aldo on Saturday.”

Just before UFC Calgary, UFC President Dana White told reporters that he wants Holloway to take his time and said, “whatever time frame we get with Max, we want him to go a bit longer after that without striking or training to make absolutely sure that he’s 100 per cent.”

Holloway finished the interview by heaping praise upon his would be opponent Brian Ortega.

“I’ve nothing but respect for him. He is standing his ground and I respect that.

The UFC has different guys who takes risk but Brian Ortega is staying true to himself and hopefully we can maybe get something done by the end of the year”


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