Corey Anderson: “I’m being overlooked. Don’t sleep on me”

Corey Anderson believes that he deserves to be treated better by the UFC and feel that they are overlooking him.

The light heavyweight division is seeing somewhat of a log jam with current champion Daniel Cormier likely to defend his newly earned heavyweight belt against Brock Lesnar.

Anderson was speaking on ESPN’s, Ariel Helwani show on Monday and admits that he is perplexed as to why he’s being overlooked by the UFC.

“Man, I dunno what’s happening”, a puzzled Anderson began. “I go in there against Glover Teixeira on two week’s notice. I beat his ass and then he gets booked to fight Jimi Manuwa in a headline fight.”

The proposed fight is due to take place in Brazil later on this year and Anderson believes that people are overlooking him.

“People are overlooking me. Don’t sleep on me. I’m one of the best in the division. I believe I’m the best.”

Anderson also chimed in on the proposed bout between Brock Lesnar and Daniel Cormier.

“I don’t think he (Cormier) should vacate his belt. I just want him to defend it. He’s not gonna be like Conor McGregor and not defend it. I just don’t think Lesnar deserves a shot. The guy is a cheat and I told DC that I’m gonna take that belt from him because I believe I’m the best.”

Anderson also states that while he is willing to fight, he only wishes to fight those ranked above him.

“I rarely turn down fights. If they ask me to fight, I’ll usually say yes. But if they asked me to fight someone ranked below me, I’d say no. I believe that I’ve made strides to get where I am.”

Corey Anderson is currently 11-4 in his professional MMA career and is currently not matched up but expects to fight again later this year.


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