Santiago Ponzinibbio: “I think Rafael Dos Anjos is scared to fight me”

Santiago Ponzinibbio hopes to return to action against former lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos but the Argentinian believes that Dos Anjos is running scared.

Speaking with Ariel Helwani on ESPN on Monday, Ponzinibbio claims that he will fight in November in a headline spot in Argentina .

“I believe there is a good chance of that”, Ponzinibbio admitted. “I have had a hand injury but I am cleared and the UFC want me to wait until November for the card in Argentina.”

The Argentine cited details of his hand injury.

“I tore some ligaments that went to the bone but now I am healed. I had an operation and I’m ready for November now.”

Santiago was not shy in holding back about his desired opponent.

“I want Rafael Dos Anjos. I am waiting for him but I think he is scared to fight me in Argentina. He says he wants a fight in November. I am giving him a fight.”

Dos Anjos has offered a fight to Ponzinibbio but in his gym and the Argentine was not mincing his words.

“Is he a fighter or a diva? I’m beginning to think he’s a diva. He will fight anywhere. Why not fight in Argentina. He is scared maybe”

The fight will be of intrigue to many fans from that particular region given the rivalry between Brazil and Argentina across a large range of sports.


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