Short Shots: Diaz tweets, James Gallagher vs MMA Junkie and more….

Did you miss any of the big news stories this week in MMA? Here’s the wacky, weird and wonderful goings on in the sport in bite sized chunks. Welcome to the latest edition of ‘Short Shots’.


It’s never a dull moment on Twitter particularly when fighters are embroiled in a back and forth slagging contest in the hope that they get matched up on a card down the line.

Nick Diaz is no stranger to these antics and this week the Stockton native seemed to be directing his vitriol at… well, anybody who would listen.

It’s hard to know who he is aiming these tweets are aimed at but it seems that Nick is open to fighting anybody. We shall wait and see.


Speaking of tweets, James Gallagher returns to action this Friday night to the Bellator cage but last night, his opponent was that of one MMA Junkie, the well renowned MMA website.

“But why?”, I hear you ask. Well…. Take a look below.

Gallagher is actually Irish and the flag below his MMA Junkie picture is that of the Union Jack. MMAJunkie’s John Morgan apologised for the error and for now, all are friends again.


Light heavyweight Lawlor was out of action after a failed drug test and the UFC have now decided to let him go from the roster in a division that, according to Dana White, “is in desperate need of talent”.

Lawlor had asked to be released from his contract in order to potentially compete elsewhere outside of USADA’s jurisdiction but rather than honour the deal, the UFC let Lawlor stew and with just two months remaining of his suspension, decided to let him go.

Is this pettiness or… yeah, it’s probably pettiness.


Finally, fans hoping to score tickets for what the UFC are coining, “the biggest fight in UFC history” were shocked when tickets during Wednesday’s pre-sale were immediately available on third party reseller sites for triple the price.

This shocking revelation came about when disgruntled fans paid upwards of โ‚ฌ70 for a UFC Fight Club membership only to find out that the higher end tickets were made available.

It would appear that AXS are not on the same wavelength as Ticketmaster when it comes to touting regulations.

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