Aljamain Sterling: “I was throwing up before my fight”

Aljamain Sterling had an impressive showing against Cody Stamann on Saturday night at UFC 228 but the journey to the cage was a difficult one for the 135lbs challenger.

It was one of the most impressive submission victories to have ever been seen in the Octagon but Aljamain Sterling’s journey to the fight was even more impressive if a little frightening.

Weight cutting has always been a controversial topic surrounding MMA and speaking with Ariel Helwani on ESPN on Monday, Sterling’s cut wasn’t as smooth as his finish.

“This was tough”, Sterling began. “I did everything I usually do but I kinda got stuck despite training and going through a work out”

Sterling continued.

“I had to shift the last four pounds in a hot tub and my coaches had never seen me like that afterwards. I was hurting pretty good. I felt faint”

Sterling was able to make it to the weigh ins with no issue but his pre-fight prep was also a struggle even moments before he was due to make his entrance to the Octagon.

“I had some pretty bad acid reflux and I was throwing up heavily backstage. I had to get it out of my body before I made the walk and I was worried that someone was going to walk and in and pull me from the card but thankfully the fight went ahead”

If Sterling was feeling unwell, he certainly didn’t show it during his impressive performance and finishing Cody Stamann via kneebar in the second round of the bout.

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