Colby Covington: “I’m the money fight for Woodley”

Colby Covington believes he is next in line for Tyron Woodley following UFC 228. 

It’s fair to say that Covington is a very polarising figure in the world of mixed martial arts but he sure does know how to get people talking and his appearance on Ariel Helwani’s MMA show on Monday was no different.

It’s more or less agreed universally that a fight between Tyron Woodley and Colby Covington should be next at the top of the UFC welterweight division.

“I’m the money fight for Woodley”, began Covington. “I watched his fight against that dough boy (Darren Till) on Saturday and I thought he was average”

There had been confusion around Covington’s status within the division with stories doing the rounds that he had been stripped of his interim belt.

“I’ve not been told by anybody that I have been stripped”, Covington announced. “As far as I’m concerned, I’m the champion. Woodley had to step up his game because he knows I’m breathing down his neck”

The champion, Tyron Woodley had been interviewed prior to Covington’s appearance on the show and said that his thumb was slightly injured after the fight but he does hope that a fight with Covington will happen this year.

“I’m 100% sure this fight happens in Madison Square Garden in November”.

It’s well known that UFC 230 is without a headline fight currently but Covington is adamant that the fight takes place in New York and will have some well known fans cheering him on.

“The Trumps want to come to see me fight. I know Donald wants to come but I don’t think he feels too comfortable in an arena like that but I know he’ll be supporting me when I make the welterweight division great again”

On his potential opponent Colby believes he has the advantage over him.

“Woodley’s a predictable fighter. He won’t trouble me. He’s a joke. I can’t wait to end him”

We shall wait and see what may transpire.


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