Cage Ring Championship 9 – Fight Card

An evening of fighting across a multitude of disciplines is scheduled for Swords’ Wright Venue this Sunday night.

Amateur MMA and K-1 has been incredibly exciting of late producing some stellar performances and fighters making their mark in the world of combat sports.

18 fights are scheduled for the event and tickets are still available and can be bought online from €30

The action is set to get underway from 5pm with an exciting undercard before the main card is broadcast across the world on FightBox from 8pm Irish time.

Cage Ring Championship 9: Prime Time

Main Card

  •  A class Thai 74kg Title* 5x3min
    Przemek Goss (Fight club Łódz) Vs Wayne Grant (Fantom Team Dublin)
  • Pro K-1 78kg Title Fight* 3x3min
    Evgeny Silov (Orgins Muay Thai) Vs Damian Darker (Elite Martial Arts)
  • Pro K-1 57kg Title* 3x3min
    Fabio Don Viti (Fantom Team Dublin) vs  Jay Counsel (309 Phuang Malai)
  • Pro K-1 70kg Title Fight Eliminator 3x3min
    Istvan Stefan Korodi (Dublin Combat Academy) Vs Kamil Mateja (Rebelia Kartuzy)
  •  Pro K-1 62kg 3x3min
    Belal Ahmad (Eiremuaysiam Thaiboxing) Vs Pawel Politylo (Fantom Team Dublin)
  • A/M  K-1 82kg Title fight* 3x2min
    Andreeas Binder  (Shaolin MMA Galway) Vs Ian Garry (SBG Swords)
  • A/M MMA Super Lightweight Title* 3x3min
    John Byrne (SBG Ireland) Vs Kenny Mokhonoana (C-MAC)
  • Junior Submission Grappling Title fight* 60kg  1x 8min
    Megan Hamill (SBG Ireland) Vs Nicola Wasilewska (Fantom Team Dublin)


  •  A/M K-1 75kg 3x2min
    Dawid Żurawski (Orgins Muay Thai) Vs Adam Shelly (SBG Swords)
  • A/M  K-1 68kg 3x2min
    Damien McManus (Warrior Cavan) Vs Colm Carroll (Fantom Team Dublin)
  • A/M  K-1 75kg 3x2min
    James Collins (Eiremuaysiam Thaiboxing) Vs Robert Barrett (Compound Martial Arts)
  • A/M K-1 80kg  3x2min
    Jacob Hogan (Trials Martial Arts) Vs Ben Melly (Elite Martial Arts)
  • A/M K-1 60kg  3x2min
    Tracey Duggan (Eiremuaysiam Thaiboxing) Vs Emilym Weber (Fantom Team Dublin)
  • A/M MMA Featherweight fight 3x3min
    Abanoub Fares (SBG Cork City) Vs  Kamil Wincenciak (SBG Swords)
  • A/M MMA Featherweight 3x3min
    Damien Sneyd (Strange Wolves) Vs Adam McEnroe (SBG 24)
  •  A/M MMA Super Lightweight 3x3min
    Alan Zimny (Strange Wolves) Vs Matvei Zara (Fantom Team Dublin)
  •  A/M MMA Featherweight 3x3min
    Francis O Brien (Full Power MMA) Vs Kian Tate (SBG 24)
  • A/M MMA Super Middleweight 3x3min
    Darragh Higgins (Strange Wolves) Vs  Brian Rogers (Fantom Team Dublin)
  • Submission Grappling fight 57kg 1x6min
       Lola ‘Super’ Safronova (Sanda MMA) Vs Sarah Carney (SBG 24)

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