UFC 229 – Khabib submits McGregor as pandemonium breaks out in T-Mobile Arena

It was the biggest fight in UFC history but fans were left with a sour taste after a wild brawl broke out after the fight.

The build up to this fight has been less than savoury with Conor McGregor throwing a dolly through a bus last April.

The footage has been shown over and over again as part of the promo package in the lead up to the fight and coverage had reached fever pitch ahead of the lightweight showdown.

It had been a personal affair between Khabib and McGregor and on Saturday night, Khabib showcased his superior wrestling ability and in round 4, the Russian was able to secure a neck crank to submit Conor McGregor.

However, after the fight, Khabib was seen screaming and yelling at a downed McGregor and what followed was a bad look for the sport.

Not content with finishing off McGregor, Khabib scaled the fence and rushed toward Conor’s team mate Dilon Danis before security stepped in.

Meanwhile, inside the Octagon, some of Khabib’s corner appeared to attack McGregor before he was escorted out of the arena by security.

It was a chaotic scene and one that reflects badly on the sport which is still striving to be recognised as a sport particularly in Ireland.

UFC President Dana White was seen in the cage with a furious Khabib asking for his belt.

“I’m not putting this belt on you because this arena is going to go fucking nuts”, White said before Khabib was escorted out of the building.

Bruce Buffer announced the winner with nobody else in the Octagon in a very surreal and disappointing night that delivered on so many levels.

There is certainly bad blood between the two and this feud is certainly not over.

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