Short Shots: Joe Brolly, Khabib vs Floyd, Alvarez signs for ONE

Too busy to read up on individual stories? Well, I’ve been too busy to write individual articles. A match made in heaven some might say. Welcome to Short Shots. MMA stories in one handy article.

You’ve listened to the latest podcast right? Well, in case you’re part of the 99% of carbon based lifeforms who haven’t, I flew solo and touched on the Irish media up in arms against MMA.

And that’s where we begin this week’s Short Shots.

Joe Brolly vs MMA

Joe Brolly, renowned shit stirrer and regular pundit on RTE’s GAA flagship show, The Sunday Game has turned his focus to MMA.

Brawls, out of control behaviour and barbaric violence are the key themes of Brolly’s latest article in the Irish Independent.

Of course Joe isn’t referring to the mass brawl in an Ulster football game. He is in fact talking about the UFC and now is the time for the “so called sport” to be banned.

As I alluded to in this week’s podcast, it’s absolutely fine to not like MMA as long as your opinion is informed. For someone like Brolly who is all bluster and very little substance, his opinion should instantly be discounted.

Obviously the majority of the casual viewing world were made aware of the build up and aftermath of UFC 229 and this is where the article stems from.

Unfortunately, the likes of Brolly have a big following and those with big mouths, despite a lack of substance, seem to be allowed to have the podium especially when it comes to criticism of mixed martial arts.

John Kavanagh, Conor McGregor’s head coach, has offered Brolly to go to the gym and have a chat about the sport but has seemingly declined the invite.

Even Big John McCarthy has tweeted Brolly which goes to show how far reaching this nonsensical article has been.

My two cents:

Brolly is a mouthpiece. But, I don’t mind his ramblings when he is talking about GAA. When it comes to MMA, he should be ignored and not be given publicity. The absolute rogue.

P.S, I am aware of the irony of writing about Joe Brolly in an article suggesting that you ignore him…

Khabib vs Floyd?

If your first thoughts upon reading the above statement were, “aw jesus, not this shit again!”, then you and I have a lot in common dear reader.

But it appears that current UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has been calling out for a fight with Floyd Mayweather who fought Conor McGregor in a “spectacle” last August.

Khabib appeared on Instagram calling for a fight with the unbeaten 50-0 boxer.

Mayweather responded to the call out on Twitter with an interest in the contest.

Will it happen? It’s hard to say but lest we forget, I and many others predicted that Floyd vs McGregor would never ever happen and there are some still wishing it never had….

Eddie Alvarez is the ONE

Former Bellator and UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez has been a hot topic of free agency of late and the Philly born fighter has officially signed with Asian promotion, ONE FC.

Alvarez is regarded as one of MMA’s biggest prize fighters and has been involved in some epic battles across two of North America’s biggest organisations.

The announcement was made on Twitter by ONE FC’s CEO.

Alvarez is a huge draw and it’s believed that this signing will reinvigorate ONE FC’s lightweight division.


And that’s it from this week’s short-ish and sweet-ish Short Shots (that’s a lot of S’)

As always, thanks for reading and if casual styled writing isn’t your thing, I’ve no doubt that formal news articles and previews are forthcoming very soon.

Until next time….

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