Comment: Oscar De La Hoya’s foray into MMA is doing more harm than good.

Chuck Liddell laying flat on the canvas as Tito Ortiz celebrated a KO victory may have once been a monumental victory in the MMA landscape but instead, the opposite is true.

We thought we were done with ‘freak show’ fights when Bellator decided to focus more on building a viable roster to contend with the UFC but Oscar De La Hoya had other plans.

Liddell vs Ortiz 3’s announcement was met with laughter, mockery and tinged with contempt and depression and the result was met with much of the same.

I love MMA and I’d usually be happy to promote another promoter entering the market to offer us something a bit different but in the case of De La Hoya’s interest in mixed martial arts, this is not a good luck for a sport that is still vying to be recognised as a major player.

`Mixed martial arts, despite being revered by certain quarters, has done tremendous work to be a legitimate sport to rival boxing and continues to throw up some mouthwatering and competitive fights on a regular basis….. Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz 3 is not one of these fights.

I’m sorry to say this but if you’re one of those people that bought this PPV to watch guys in their late 40’s fight, you need your head examined. Moreso, if you’re Oscar De La Hoya or one of the people that sanctioned this ‘event” then  you should probably have yourself committed.

When we’ve got Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega on the horizon, why in the world would you even consider this fight? It’s not as if the two men were even that well paid with both men earning just over $200K for their efforts.

UFC 1 had a similar attendance to that of Liddell vs Ortiz 3 did on Saturday night with just over 7,000 people to bare witness to an event that hinders the sport rather than help it.

It’s shameful that men like De La Hoya, a former boxer would say ‘damn it all’ to any health issues, in particular Chuck Liddell would have due to inactivity, in favour of a quick buck. It’s not only shameful, it’s disgusting.

We have moved on considerably as a sport. It has produced some of the finest combatants on the entire planet. I appreciate wholeheartedly what Chuck and Tito did in the sport but their time has been and gone.

I hope this is the last time De La Hoya enters into MMA until he decides to put on legitimate contests instead of trying to relive some sick ideology that these past warriors can somehow still thrive despite the odds being against them.


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