Short Shots: Dana vs Oscar, Mayweather is still actually fighting this month…..

Short Shots is your sometimes weekly light hearted look at the craziness that is MMA. Just like the film ‘Face/Off’, it’s just entertainment and shouldn’t be taken seriously… at all.


Do you remember when Oscar De La Hoya decided to have Chuck Liddell get the absolute shite knocked out of him by Tito Ortiz and actually charge people money to watch it? Yeah… it happened. Anyway, the fall out was Dana White coming out all guns blazing against Oscar De La Hoya.

“It was disgusting” he said. “He’s not protecting the fighters or putting Chuck (Liddell’s) health first at all”… Aaaaand of course the next day, the UFC decided to stick BJ Penn on a card. Oh, how we laughed… and cried.

It seems today, that Dana White is willing to have a debate with De La Hoya face to face. Had UFC 233 not been scrapped, it could have been an interesting main event slot a la Piper’s Pit from the good old days of WWE.


Floyd Mayweather once went to a Rizin press conference to promote a fight that wasn’t actually happening but then actually ended up being scheduled. Confusing? Yes, it most certainly is.

The exhibition boxing fight against Tenshin Nasukawa is set to take place on New Years Eve over 3×3 minute rounds in one of the most blatant and pointless money grabs in the history of combat sports…. possibly. Although, James Toney stepping up to get bear hugged by Randy Couture comes close.

We all say we won’t watch but we all know that’s a bare faced and hideous lie.


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