Jon Jones passes drug test after UFC 232.

Jon Jones was found with picograms of M3 metabolite in his system which caused the event to be moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles on 5 days notice due to licensing issues.

It was one of the most chaotic events in UFC history last December when thousands of fans were left without compensation and indeed a much anticipated rematch for the light heavyweight title at UFC 232.

Having not been granted a licence by Nevada, the UFC had to up sticks and relocate fighters and re-sell tickets for the event at a cut price offering to local fans in Los Angeles as the CSAC were the only ones seemingly who would grant Jones a licence to fight.

Since then, many people have been waiting on news for the tests of Jon Jones’ drug test on fight night and it has been confirmed by Brett Okamoto of ESPN that the light heavyweight champion’s tests have come back clean.

Though money was most certainly lost, UFC officials – especially Dana White who was in staunch defence of Jones – can rest easy tonight knowing that their much maligned champion made it through a drug test with flying colours.

Jon Jones has yet to comment but did retweet the tweet from Okamoto. Meanwhile, long time rival Daniel Cormier has yet to issue any response to the news. I reiterate… Yet.

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