Comment: Bellator 216 may have been a dud but it isn’t usually *that* bad

Sky’s partnership with Bellator didn’t exactly get off to a great start like we all hoped but MMA is never usually that bad to watch. 

MMA + Sky Sports = Great news for all living in the UK and Ireland… At least, that’s what we thought ahead of Bellator 216 on Saturday night.

The main event between Michael “Venom” Page and Paul Daley promised so much between two of the UK’s highly touted MMA fighters but delivered so very little and newcomers to the sport may be deterred from coming back having witnessed a non eventful 5 round main event.

Look, we’ve all seen bad sporting events over the years and there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve wasted your time watching something that fails to entertain or have you emotionally invested in what’s going on.

Saturday night had all of those ingredients and unfortunately for European viewers, trying to entice casual viewers to stay up until 6am to watch fights means that MMA is at a disadvantage despite being shown on one of the UK’s biggest broadcasters.

One bad card doesn’t mean that Bellator as a promotion are bad even if some of the matchmaking is questionable at times. What I will say is, they have some of the best European talent on their roster and now that they are showcasing events in Europe at a favourable time slot, it’s worth dipping your toe back in.

I wouldn’t be pressing the panic button just yet if I were you but it’s perfectly acceptable to call the card for what it was…. Boring and uninspiring.

Anybody who is trying to tell you otherwise is trying to take the elitist high ground and are lying through their teeth. Don’t listen to them. It was a poor card and you’re more than entitled to feel that you should have went to bed. Hell, I’m in the same boat as most of you.

In browsing through Twitter, the response to the first Bellator event was largely, if not all negative from many people who may have been tuning in to watch MMA for the first time.

I regard this as one of the most amazing sports in the world for content and intriguing storylines but to the newcomers, stick with it. It’s never usually this bad and you should definitely come back next week when Bellator 217 is shown at 9pm GMT next weekend.

There’s absolutely no way it can be as bad as what we saw last night… I promise.

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