Comment: Is it time to accept Jon Jones as he is?

UFC 235 takes place this Saturday night and is headlined by light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Anthony Smith.

It wouldn’t be a Jon Jones fight week without some sort of uproar, confusion and debate and it seems that the build up to UFC 235 is no different.

I had tweeted out yesterday on my personal Twitter account that for such a stacked card, UFC 235 hadn’t descended into chaos and while this is technically true, the latest Jon Jones drug test news has sparked outrage and debate across social media.

Jones’ five test results from USADA came back late on Thursday evening and  found ‘adverse analytical findings’ of the M3 metabolite for oral-turinabol that has already been found in his system and subsequently punished for.

I’m not a scientist nor do I claim to even know what the hell most people are talking about when it comes to picograms or what have you but I do know that I think USADA in it’s current state are not fit for purpose when t comes to anti-doping procedures in the UFC.

It does seem to be one rule for some and varying rules for others. Case in point, Tom Lawlor was found with much smaller traces of M3 metabolite in his system and was given a 2 year ban.

Jon Jones tests for a larger trace and the UFC opt to move UFC 232 from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in order to obtain a licence to fight from the CSAC because Nevada wouldn’t issue one.

It’s a complete joke and causes chaos whenever Jon Jones seems to fight but having said all that, should we just accept that Jon Jones is always going to pop for this illegal substance and just get hyped for fights again?

Alexander Gustaffson didn’t seem to have an issue with Jones’ test results nor does his upcoming challenger Anthony Smith seem unfazed by his opponent’s misdemeanours.

I love watching Jon Jones the fighter and if Dr. Daniel Eichner a sports medicine doctor, certifies that Jones would hold no unfair advantage for his scheduled fight with Smith this weekend then who are we to argue?

To reiterate, I am not a doctor or any sort of expert. I’m a fight fan and despite writing articles in the past about drug cheats and spewing a verbal tirade against Jon Jones on the podcast, I am willing to accept that M3 metabolites in his system will always be present and it’s not worth getting worked up about.

Jon Jones the fighter is always an exciting watch and i’ve always said that. Out of competition Jon Jones is to many -including myself – a detestable figure but there is a line in which you can separate the two.

Come fight night, I’ll have forgotten all about Jones’ drug tests and all the rest and I think it’s time for the MMA community to accept this version of Jones is always going to pop for this substance and just get excited about watching him fight.

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