Battle Arena 56 cancelled due to ‘outrageous blocks at every corner’

Amateur MMA took a big blow last night as Saturday’s event hosted by Battle Arena was called off at the eleventh hour leaving fans and fighters perplexed as to the decision.

As it stands, MMA in Ireland is not yet recognised by Sport Ireland as an official sport at either amateur or professional level and as such, events are self regulated through various voluntary bodies such as SAFE MMA in order to run events around the country and in the UK.

Battle Arena 56 was due to take place in Treacy’s Hotel in Monaghan this Saturday but a statement from the organisers on their Facebook page outlined the reasons for the cancellation citing the decision as “outrageous”.

Unfortunately Battle Arena 56 is being called off…

We tried everything to make it happen, but we have been blocked at every turn.

It is our understanding that the department of tourism, transportation and sport, sports Ireland, the Irish ambulance service, Monaghan county council, the Pre hospital emergency care council and potentially a few more played a part in blocking our event.

To clarify, we had originally asked a company from Northern Ireland to work our show, (as they had made yet another application to PHECC) and we were expecting their paperwork would have been processed in plenty of time for our event.
Unfortunately this did not happen.. yet the replacement crew that was put in place (The Irish Red Cross)(PHECC accredited) were also not permitted to work the event.
This situation is outrageous and is certainly not in the best interest of fighter safety.

We would also like to add that at one stage even the Gardai were involved and had questioned the G.M of the hotel about our event.

The Gardai agreed that we were doing nothing illegal/wrong and that if the hotel were happy with all our paperwork, then they (Gardai) were not going to interfere.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Treacys Hotel Monaghan for all their help.. Chris and Donna were extremely helpful.. and we appreciate all that Chris did for us.
He is an absolute gent and was a constant professional while under extreme pressure by many outside forces to pull our event.

We would also like to to thank all the fighters and Coaches for training hard for this event and to all the fans for the support..

Battle Arena Ireland will return and we are already looking for a new venue and date…

Battle Arena will be making its way to Northern Ireland so keep your eyes open for more information..

Once again, thanks to everyone who worked so hard to try and make Battle Arena 56 happen..

The Irish Amateur of Mixed Martial Arts Association (IAMMA) weighed in on the subject with a statement of their own and made it clear that Battle Arena’s standards supersede that of current standards already in use by amateur organisations in Ireland.

For those not in the know, the standards being used are in line with the world body rules and are far above that of any other Amateur Martial arts in Ireland, governing body ones or not

At the time of posting, The Writing Irish has reached out to the organisers of Battle Arena for a potential interview in order to clarify the events surrounding the cancellation.

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