Comment: In defence of the MMA media

Dana White’s latest comments about the MMA media members came under scrutiny as the UFC President was forced to cancel several events due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I love MMA. In my humble opinion, it’s the best sport for drama, entertainment and one that creates an incredible amount of storylines even at a time like this when the world is on edge due to the corona virus outbreak.

I’m not a member of the media. I write and podcast occasionally as a hobby. However, there are media members out there that do this as their job and a lot are freelancers trying to make ends meet just like everybody else.

When Dana White said that “media members can talk all the shit they want” and that “they don’t feed families or take care of fucking people”, you can’t help but feel a little aggrieved and sympathetic to those working extremely hard to produce content and provide for themselves and family members.

These are the same media members that often do more for UFC events than the organisation itself with extensive coverage, interviews and content that become the main story arcs leading into a big fight.

The likes of John Morgan (MMA Junkie), Peter Carroll (MMA Fighting) and the hard working crew at Severe MMA are the reasons why I took up writing about the sport in this capacity and although they’re well able to defend themselves, I can’t help but have their back after pathetic comments made about them and their livelihood.

With a handful of events already cancelled, pressure seems to be mounting on Dana White as the fate of the much anticipated lightweight championship bout between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson hangs in the balance.

It might go some way to explain his outburst but as of yet there’s been no apology from the UFC boss and it’s unlikely that one will be forthcoming.

In a time when jobs are being lost, work is at a premium for a lot of the MMA media, a bit of class and a sympathetic ear wouldn’t go amiss in these unprecedented times.

To the MMA media members I say, thank you for your efforts in the past, present and I wish you nothing but the best for the future and thank you for the continued inspiration to cover the sport we all love.

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